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A delightfully stylish and


merry and stylish Halloween with Questoria in Minsk

Questoria is the best «Halloween» game!

Become the hero of a thriller, detective noir or magical adventure. Each person has a unique role, goals and ways of achieving them. And the story’s ending depends on your actions!

The holiday will be incredible if you put your heart into the details. Here is a guaranteed recipe: bright characters, mysterious stories and a magical atmosphere. You will get all this and much more with Questoria.

Game stages

e.g. for The Séance Questoria, players’ age 14+

What Is a Questoria?

Questoria is like a movie. And if in a film everything is pretty much clear from the start, here, the outcome depends on you. You can try on the role of Holmes or Poirot in a detective Questoria, shift from Minsk to foggy London for «The Séance», or plunge into a Lovecraftian horror in «The Secret of Roanoke Island».

How does the Game Start?

The Host distributes the roles according to players’ wishes and hands out the props. For example, the sheriff will get handcuffs and a colt in the «Wild West» game, the Mexican smuggler will have a sombrero and a map, and the doctor will get a white coat and first-aid kit. Everyone has their own goals: find out who killed a famous lord, find treasures, or summon Cthulhu to this world (while the chief doctor is away).

What Is the Plan?

Achieve all the goals. Whatever it takes. Communicate with other players, use logic and intuition. For the first 15 minutes «nothing is clear», but in the next moment, your friend, playing a detective, gets backup keys from a suspicious guy. And the butler claims that nobody entered the house. Or could he be lying to the investigators? Let the medium reveal the truth, by summoning the Lord’s spirit!

What Is the Outcome?

The game outcome depends on the players’ actions. Can you uncover the ancient secrets of Roanoke island and keep your sanity? What will the spirit of the murdered lord reveal? Why would the old housekeeper need a voodoo doll? Many will turn out to be not who they seem. A good mood and a sense of mystery will stay with you after the Halloween Questoria in Minsk
We will throw a party they will remember for sure
children starting 9 y.o. and teenagers
co-workers and friends
your family: from grandma to grandkids
Traditionally, Halloween party night takes place on the night of October 31 to November 1.
We have an individual approach to each event, so we do not hold more than three games in Minsk at the same time.

Send us your request to pre-book a convenient time.

You will not be committing to anything as yet:)
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Choose the game in Minsk, and we will come to your home, café or picnic in the woods.

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5 reasons to book

a live Halloween Questoria in Minsk

Pricing for Halloween in Minsk

170 RUB
Price for up to 10 people

Cost of each additional participant + 15 RUB

The plot of your choice
The host and the game set
An opportunity to choose a convenient time and place
220 RUB
Price for up to 10 people

Cost of each additional participant + 20 RUB

All options are «economy»
Basic props for the game theme
Theme music reinforces the game's atmosphere.
Memorable diplomas for players
390 RUB
Price for up to 10 people

Cost of each additional participant + 25 RUB

All options are «standard»
Professional photographer for the game
Extended props
Role distribution before the game
Invitations for guests
from 770 RUB
Price for up to 10 people

Cost of each additional participant from 45 RUB

All options are «premium»
Costumes and photosession after the game
Search for theme-styled venue for the quest
VIP-options for your holiday party
Price for up to 10 people

170 RUB

220 RUB

390 RUB

from 770 RUB

Price per extra participant

15 RUB

20 RUB

25 RUB

from + 45 RUB

The plot of your choice
The host and the game set
Experienced hosts will pay attention to each player. Your excellent mood is their expertise :) Several hosts may facilitate your event depending on the number of participants and the plot.
An opportunity to choose a convenient time and place
Questories can be held anywhere: in the office, out in nature, in our partner restaurant, or any place of your choosing. The main requirement is for the place to accommodate all invited guests and be convenient.
Basic props for the game theme
To plunge your guests into the atmosphere of the story and make them feel their characters, each scenario provides a set of headdresses and accessories. A hat and a smoking pipe for a detective, a medical band for a doctor, or a dark veil for a medium.
Theme music reinforces the game's atmosphere.
Soundtracks are specially recorded for each scenario: they correspond to the mood, the twists and turns of the game, and they set the action dynamics. A mysterious whisper will sound at the spiritual seance, and you will hear solemn and dark music at a vampire ball.
Memorable diplomas for players
The Host marks the players’ successes in the game, and during the Afterparty awards diplomas for achievements. For example, a reward for the best personification, for showing honor and dignity, and for the most ingenious combinations.
Professional photographer for the game
Our photographers are experts in event photography. They are familiar with the stories and know when to catch a good shot. The photographer will capture interesting situations and bright emotions of each player, so that you will gladly review the photos for many years to come!
Extended props
Each player will receive additional props for their hero, for example, capes, gloves and fans for society ladies, and braces, ties and neck scarves for gentlemen.
Role distribution before the game
We will select a comfortable role for each player, taking into account their gender, age, nature and hobbies. Of course, we will need your help! :)
Invitations for guests
We will prepare individual invitations for guests in the style of the story. For example, a letter from the medium with an offer to visit the salon. We can give the invitations personally, or we can e-mail them to the participants.
So you will engage the guests even before the event — they will look forward to the game and come in a festive mood!
Costumes and photosession after the game
A full dress-up always causes thrill in players! An immediate transformation into your character and complete immersion in the plot are guaranteed.
* Costumes and props are different in various cities, please check with the manager in :city.
Search for theme-styled venue for the quest
We will select the place for your party to relate to the plot of your choice, decorate it and create the setting. There will be a complete feeling that the action is taking place in a luxurious mansion, at a high-society ball, or on a mysterious island!
VIP-options for your holiday party
Make your holiday even more interesting: we will organize a candy bar, prepare a photo zone with a thematic press wall, decorate the venue in the style of the game, invite a DJ or a vibrant show group! This is to list just a few of possible adds-on to your party. Your every desire is actionable.
*You can include other services for a separate fee into the chosen package. Should you plan to invite more players and during the high season (December 15 through January 15) the price is subject to change.


We at Questoria create exciting stories to ensure our players are fully immersed into the atmosphere. We work on each Questoria for several months and carefully test it. We train our hosts. However, part of the game success depends on you, too. To have all participants enjoy the story twists, we give some tips on how to organize the event:
However, in the event that you follow all these recommendations and still don’t enjoy Questoria, please let us know — WE WILL REFUND THE WHOLE FEE PAID FOR THE GAME.
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