A Wedding Questoria in Minsk

развлечения на свадьбу

How to entertain all the guests on your wedding day? We will help you organize an action-packed mystery game called Questoria!

Prices and Contacts

What Are the Live Game Quests?

The live game quests are story-based mystery games. All players are assigned roles and their personal goals. And in order to achieve these goals they have to communicate with other players.

The groom, bride and their every guest turn into adventure heroes for the following 3 hours. You choose the plot, be it the Wild West, a Pirate Quest or a Spy Story. How the game is resolved depends solely on the players’ strategies.

And to have both your elder and younger guests satisfied, we hold a short mini-test to cast the players to specific roles based on their nature. There are complex characters for those who would like to participate more actively, and quieter characters for those who might claim that they ‘just want to watch’!

The game is amazing! You have so many storylines intertwined, so many crazy speculations, a chance to become a different person... I fail words to say how much I liked it!

Maria Polyakova

It was very much fun, interesting, twisted and intriguing! I was really happy, that all players showed great acting skills ;-) The time just flashed by.

Nelly Bertovskaya

Scenarios offered in Minsk:

* You can browse through the full list of games, but some of them might not be available in your city.


свадебная игра

What Happens at a Questoria?

Each player receives the file on their character, including their secrets and, more importantly, goals in the game. To achieve these goals, you need to find certain information. And your secrets are the missing bits of the puzzle that make up the whole picture.

How do you find the information? Talk with the other players, make bargains and alliances, use logic and intuition, flirtation and scheming, a kind word or a gun.

Were you invited to a private meeting? Perhaps you get an offer to buy a secret submarine design, or maybe you have been lured to get robbed. Are you offered a glass of wine? Beware, it might be poisoned.

First time or not, the dynamics of the game takes all of your concentration, and in 30 minutes you’ll find yourself trading secret archives for a ticket to Paris, or a pirate map for a poisoned dagger.

You fully immerse into the atmosphere of the adventures and the dense kaleidoscope of the story. Like an exciting movie or book it will fill you with vivid memories and make you re-think the whole storyline again and again for days and weeks to come.




What is the Questoria Price for the wedding?

  Econom Standard Premium VIP
The story of your choice включено включено включено включено
Host and the game kit включено включено включено включено
Time and location preference включено включено включено включено
Basic props for the game   включено включено включено
Theme music to create the game atmosphere   включено включено включено
Diplomas for the best players   включено включено включено
Professional photos from the game     включено включено
Advanced props     включено включено
Pre-casting for the roles     включено включено
Invitations for the guests     включено включено
Costumes for every player       включено
Dress-up photo shoot       включено
Selection of a location for a themed Questoria       включено
Please check the list of VIP-options for your city with the Questoria manager       включено
Fee up to and including 12 players 230 Br 290 Br 460 Br 850 Br
An extra player fee +20 Br +25 Br +30 Br +45 Br

* You can add other services to the chosen package at extra cost.

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